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Sangria the vine drink from Iberian Peninsula

Sangria is  vine drink from Iberian Peninsula and European Parliament has the name Sangria exclusive only for Iberia made drink after a law 2014 the fruits can  differ a lot often served in pitchers


  1. one bottle of dry red wine
  2. brandy
  3. tripple sec
  4. tablespoon of suger
  5. soda
  6. orange lime and citron slices
  7. pineapple cubes

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Old Fashioned

Brandy eggnog your drink master on the web

Brandy eggnog

Brandy eggnog

This is the recipe

  1.  CB Brandy
  2. one egg
  3. cream
  4. milk

and with nutmeg on  top in  a highball the eggnog is common in Thanksgiving times in Canada and USA a like they say it come from England on other sources say it come to Danmark from France and concern have bean raised that salmonella can be spread with the egg and cases have bean concluded from eggnog drinking